1. Choosing 3 countries and cities

  •      JAPAN
  •      LONDON
  •      GREECE

Selecting Fonts (Font Hunt)
Typographically Speaking The Art of Matthew Carter
Font Finder FSI FontShop International


Japanese Contemporary culture combines influences from Asia, Europe and North America. Japanese sculpture, largely of wood, and Japanese painting are among the oldest of the Japanese arts, with early figurative paintings dating back to at least 300 BC. The history of Japanese painting exhibits synthesis and competition between native Japanese aesthetics and adaptation of imported ideas. The fusion of traditional woodblock printing and Western art led to the creation of manga, a comic book format that is now popular within and outside Japan. Manga-influenced animation for television and film is called anime. Japanese-made video game consoles are very popular all around the world. Manga is the Japanese word for “comics” and consists of comics and print cartoons. In the West, the term “manga” has been appropriated to refer specifically to comics created in Japan, or by Japanese authors, in the Japanese language and conforming to the style developed in Japan in the late 19th century In Japan, people of all ages read manga.

From my Sketchbook
       Mirror and opposite

Poster ideas

   Using the map and the flag in combination

Final Digital outcome (Japan)


London is made up of two ancient cities which are now joined together. 
They are the City of London, know simply as ‘the City’ which is the business and financial heart of the United Kingdom. It is also known as the Square Mile (2.59 sq km/1 sq mi). It was the original Roman settlement (ancient Londinium), making it the oldest part of London and already 1,000 years old when the Tower of London was built. Other is the City of Westminster, where Parliament and most of the government offices are located. Also Buckingham Palace, the official London residence of the Queen and the Royal family are located there too. Together they all make up a region known as Greater London.

Selecting my colours

From my Sketchbook

Poster ideaFinal Digital outcome (London)


Greece is famous for its natural beauty. The land is mountainous and rugged. Although a small country, Greece has a very diverse topography. The most important divisions of the country are the central mountains; the damp, mountainous regions in the west; the dry, sunny plains and lower mountain ranges in eastern Thessaly, Macedonia, and Thraki; Central Greece, the southeastern “point” (peninsula) of the mainland that cradled the city-states of the country, the mountainous regions of Peloponnisos; and the islands, most of which are in the Aegean Sea. 
The central mountain area, the Pindus Mountains, which extends from a northern to a southern direction, is one of the most rugged, isolated, and sparsely populated parts of the country. Mount Olympus, Greece’s highest peak, was considered in ancient times to be home to the 12 gods.
From my Sketchbook

Poster idea

Final Digital outcome (Greece)


Bit of research before selecting one out of the above three, to develop further in to poster and a flyer.

“Layout Essentials” by Beth Tondreau

Online research.

  • Then it was decided that London poster to be develop further in to a final poster and a flyer.

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