Pioneers of Graphic Design

The Pioneers of Graphic Design

We are required to create designs that will contribute to an exhibition planned to be held at the Barbican Art Gallery in London. The exhibition is titled ‘Pioneers of Graphic Design’ and will be comprised of a series of shows on major figures within the history of graphic design.
My brief is to design a poster and at least two other means of publicity material for one of the following designers, concentrating on the creative use of typography;
• Giambattista Bodoni
• Paul Rand
• Saul Bass
• Eric Gill
• Wim Crouwel
• Otl Aicher
• Emil Ruder
• AM Cassandre
• Lance Wayman
• Paula Scher
• Eric Spiekermann
• Josef Muller-Brockman
• Jan Tschichold
• Lazlo Maholy Nagy
• Herbert Bayer
• Wolfgang Weinhart
• John Heartfield
• Alan Fletcher
• Mathhew Carter
• Herb Lubalin
• Milton Glaser
• Paul Renner
• Alexander Rodchenko
• Frank Lloyd Wright
• Neville Brody
• Jonathan Barnbrook
• Why Not Associates/Gordon Young
• Jamie Reid
• Peter Saville

The poster can include some imagery and must have a ‘Design Pioneers’ logo (both designed and created by you.) I must also include the Barbican logo, address and website as well as prospective dates. We need to research this.
I should mainly concerned with the creative use of typography in order to communicate the particular design and work of your ‘pioneer’
I need to produce at least three elements/design items that will publicise the exhibition.


  • 14/11/11 research typographers
  • Workshop 2

21/11/11 assign typographers/develop concepts

  • Week 10

28/11/11 design development/tutorials

  • Week 11

05/12/11 design development/tutorials

  • Week 12

12/12/11 Summative crit/presentation


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