Received a randomly distributed word, and it was “Ontology” which will form the title of all three of your works produced on the course. In Week 1 the title will be the name of a product for which you will produce a magazine advertisement.

My magazine advertisement was for a Book.

Stage 01

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4



My title “Ontology” will be the title of a novel. It is my task to design the cover for this book. I must decide what the book is about, who the readership might be and what kind of publisher you are working for.

Sketching Ideas

Photoshop Stage 01

Stage 02



In the final week my title was the name of an abstract painting.  Scanning or photographing objects will be the basis for this image. As we are working with Photoshop all techniques are allowed, collage, painting using the mouse, filters, effects etc. Use varied textures and layers and consider the work seriously, as a work of art.

The image should be initially constructed in 3 D, using card board and found materials, which you can scan or photograph.

But as a new look i used silk to construct my Photoshop abstract.

Sketching the basic layout.
Selecting images and cropping them to the need.

Start making the abstract.
Finishing up with few effects.


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