Week 02

In preparation for this week’s session, we was needed to:-
Read chapter 8 of Paul Auster’s ‘City of Glass’ (available on the Art and Design in Context blog under ‘Resources’):
also View the videos posted on Moodle:

The Flaneur

Baudelaire’s flâneur is a particular character, who traverses the streets of the city as an observer of contemporary life;‘ a person who walks the city in order to experience it’ (Baudelaire 1863). His version of the flâneur (sometimes translated to the English word dandy) bears clear traces of notions and events taking place in 19th Century Europe. Baudelaire’s flâneur is:
•No visible means of income
•Urban,contemporary, stylish
•Part of the crowd yet apart from the crowd
•Aloof andunreadable, blasé
•Strolling observer, wanders with no specific purpose but to drink in the sights and sounds of the emerging city

Gustav Caillebotte, Paris Street – Rainy Weather, 1877

Edgar Allan Poe



This week our task was, to create a map individually. In that map we had to include 5 musicians, 5 artists and 3 books that of our liking.

Since it’s a map. I start thinking about start and end, going from one point to another. Journey/ travel.
Then it came to my mind THINKING my reactions to this task, how my ideas travel from my mind to this? Answer was neurons.  So all of the above musicians, artists and even when reading a book, the all have to go thru neurons.


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