Week 01

Different types of maps.

Understanding ways of mapping.



more research –  http://slab.scripts.mit.edu/wp/maps/

Adam Dant

Adam Dant was born in Cambridge in 1967 and now lives and works in London. His drawings can be found in numerous public and private collections including The Arts Council Collection, The V&A, The Museum of London, The Government Art Collection, MoMA, New York, Deutsche Bank, The Musee d’Art Contemporain, Lyon and the San Diego Museum of Art.

Dant creates dense and elaborate drawings, thoroughly researched and often possessed of a dysfunctional, semicircular logic. Mishap and folly proliferate his work. Museums are common subjects, as are maps and complicated jokes. Dant’s recent works often take the form of large brush and ink drawings and have been described as Hogarthian or Swiftian especially in relation to his use of satire. These drawings continue his interest in depicting and interacting with the public space, the anecdotal and Utopian grand models.

Between 1995 and the millennium, Dant acted as an 18th century style pamphleteer, producing and distributing Donald Parsnips’ Daily Journal. Some nine hundred editions of the pocket-sized, eight paged journals were produced, never constrained to format, all are utterly unique, and as a collection have become an important document of the London scene in the 1990s. In 2002 Dant won The Jerwood Drawing Prize for his Anecdotal Plan of Tate Britain, founding The Bureau for the Investigation of the Subliminal Image in 2003 and The Guild of Neologists in 2005.

Mapping our way to the library

This was our 1st task for the course and this was done in groups.


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